6 years 343, 6 years

Halo infinite most likely wasn’t worked on the moment h5 released, however that’s still not an excuse releasing so barebones. A big criticism of halo 5, was the lack of content. If infinite launched with the content amount that reach launched with, people would’ve been fine, but you 343 could’nt even come CLOSE. You decided to take a MONTH break of not working on this game(and you still don’t go back until next week) is just ridiculous. 2 weeks is what your people deserved after this fiasco. 6 arena maps and 3 BTB. Just WOW. 6 years! Every other halo was 3 years later(lmao h4 was 2) and that game released with hella. Too bad it’s gameplay sucked! You got that right in infinite, but sorry not sorry to say it’s just not enough. 343 this may be a F2P game, but that’s the only excuse you have regarding the monetization system(which obviously everyone hates but that’s MTX in general) but in terms of launch content, it’s not. You failed.