6 weapons in Infinite are already too weak to nerf melee and Mangler!

  1. Ravager
  2. Pulse Carbine
  3. Commando
  4. Disruptor
  5. Plasma Pistol
  6. Bulldog Shotgun

Buff them all, LEAVE MELEE AND MANGLER ALONE!!! Pro players have unequivocally terrible ideas about weapon balance. If they are the best, they can adapt and outperform other players no matter what situation.


Ravager :
They confirmed to be buffing it, but not in the way we want. They are buffing the damage on it while people want the splash buffed.

Pulse Carbine :
Definitely needs a faster projectile

Commando :
Not so much as a buff, it needs a revert back to Flight version.

Disruptor :
It’s fine as a utility weapon and does good damage for shield stripping too. This is our new Plasma Pistol.

Plasma Pistol :
Should rework it imo. Primary Fire becomes held and fires like the Plasma Rifle. Alt Fire charges the bolt and homes in better.

Bulldog :
Is fine. Just give us the OG Shotty back.

Mangler :
Put it on a red rack.


I can only repeat myself:

When people say a Weapon in Infinite is too weak, it’s mostly because they don’t understand how to use it.


The current game situation, professional players are not satisfied, maybe just 343 wants to do this, every time 343 makes a decision before looking for a bunch of excuses, such as listening to which player’s opinion, actually just adjust according to what they want

Ravager: Getting a buff to the primary damage, which I’m excited for.

Pulse Carbine: It’s fine once you learn WHEN and WHERE to use it. But I’d rather just have the Plasma Rifle, a much more reliable gun.

Commando: Either tone down the bloom, tone down the recoil, or buff the damage back to how it was in the flight. It’s a precision gun. Make it act like one.

Disruptor: Honestly it’s fine. Only thing I’d add is 5 more rounds in the magazine. Firing it full auto just seems to drain it super fast and it only has enough ammo for 1 kill per reload.

Plasma Pistol: Re-introduce EMP (Why does it have to lose it just because Shock weapons were introduced?) Improve overcharge tracking OR remove tracking and re-introduce overcharge splash damage. Primary fire is really good though.

Put the Mangler on a red rack.


343 keeps talking about “broader audiences” then caters to the pros and alienates the very audience they are targeting by doing so. Yet somehow manages to ignore the desires of the core OG classic Halo fans at the same time. Please the core fans, the broader audience is inevitable!

In fact, this is just an excuse.
Several professionals I follow are full of complaints about the current version of the game. If it weren’t for the contract, they might be playing other games .
And it’s not the first time, Halo5 failed because of the bad story and the falsity , they blamed the failure on Art Theater and opening packages, and then said they would cater to older players catering to core fans for change, but in this generation of games you know what they did.
They just use the words of professionals or old players and new players as an excuse from time to time to divide the player group .
Many people who play this game have different ideas.
It is the developer or 343 operator who needs to make a choice.
But 343 who has no talent to make a change and has no responsibility.
That’s why we get a game like this

It’s time to stop believing 343’s lies, stop playing this game and wait until they fix it, the experience is the best .
I can’t remember how many lies 343 told, how many false promises they made .

The best balance is very simple, strengthen those weak chicken weapons, and Adjust the CD with particularly powerful weapons. However, 343 does not have this brain.
For example, the adjustment of vk, vk was very good in the initial test, and then they adjusted vk into garbage.
I didn’t expect to lower the melee damage as a whole, people who made the adjustment are really geniuses, and they are all adjusted at this level. No wonder players will give up this game.

Lol the disruptor and pulse carbine don’t need a buff. Especially the carbine. I swear some people complaining about weapon balance didn’t even play the game outside of the flights. That thing is basically a better plasma pistol. And I always use the distruptor over the pistol when I find it.

I mostly agree. Except on these.
Plasma Pistole: The original CE and Halo 2 plasma pistols fired as fast as you could pull the trigger, often faster than the plasma rifle. If they did that and better bolt home-in, then I feel like it would be better.
Bulldog: I don’t know about you, but I feel like the bulldog lies to me. I have to aim right of the reticle to land hits, and even then the spread is too narrow for the reticle. I feel like they need to fix where shots land, and the reticle size, but that isn’t on the gun damage itself.


Commando would be my favorite go to weapon besides Mangler, it’s still in need of flight strength.

Get plenty of kills with Disruptor as well, it’s still weak sauce.