6 Spots Left

**Welcome to Cajun Misery. We love having fun; just don’t be a jerk. Our main goal is the acquisition of the Achilles and Atlas armor. Whether you’re a Lone Wolf or a Team Player, we don’t care.**Here’s what we are about:

  • We are committed to acquiring the Achilles and Atlas armor. - We do not require that you be a certain level. Also, all languages/countries are welcome! - We stay active in the game because it will help us get the Achilles/Atlas armor more quickly and hope you will also. - We have frequent community games where we get together to go into matchmaking or do some custom games. - Don’t be a stranger! You can do Lone Wolf if that is all you’re after, but Halo is fun because you play with people you know. - We are a democracy. If you have an idea, put it forward and we will vote on it. - We welcome competition. We often have groups getting together and heading into Arena. - Lastly, **HAVE FUN!**Code of Conduct
    Don’t be crazy mean to fellow members and don’t ruthlessly harass other gamers. (An occasional -Yoink!- is okay)

What time of day do you normally play?

Evenings. We are playing tonight.around d 7 pm central