6 reasons why (we all suffer)

I think OP sums this up perfectly that Halo infinite is kind of like a mobile game and I think this will be the new norm for halo because it makes the money. I’m sad to see Halo go this route but I wonder if some other game will take halo’s place as the no micro transaction FPS.

Personally I will just stick with infinite’s campaign and just continue to play on MCC for now.

How can cosmetic monetization affect the game when it’s a completely non-functional element? Only function game elements impact quality in any meaningful way.

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What functional gameplay features are being removed and sold back? And if they aren’t functional and don’t affect gameplay, then how can they negatively affect the game?

Because modern gamers neither understand nor appreciate gameplay. And because people are shallow; the notion that action speaks louder and expresses more than anything else is entirely lost on them.

What you’re doing is moving the goalposts. Stop it.

Oh am I? I think you maybe don’t understand what that saying means.

Have you never customized your spartan? Just left it default?

Also, you say graphics don’t matter, well then you wouldn’t mind playing Halo Infinite on a Commodore 64 instead, right?

The point about whales… they are real and it’s almost unbelievable. I have one on my friends list, a childhood friend who I know spends a lot of money on games and has always hated Halo (he was a CoD fanboy). Well, I just so happen to scroll past his spartan on my friend’s list and he has 0 matches played, 0 time played, yet he has all the items up to battle pass 25. This guy downloaded the game, bought the super premium battle pass, decked out his spartan, shut down the game and hasn’t loaded it up since. That to me is pure addiction, like the only reason he installed the game was to get that dopamine hit of unlocks like a slot machine hitting all 7’s, got his fix and moved on back to playing Vanguard. It’s honestly scary that there are probably tons of players like that.


Because implemented monetization system introduces a problem - very slow progression - and sells you a solution: buy stuff or complete challenges. Completing specific challenges hinders team play and effects match for everybody. Not able to choose specific modes and playlist is there also to introduce RnG mechanics and to slow completion of challenges. Crossplay is another example of the worst F2P trope. Again, if you dont care about customizations and this aggressive monetization fine, its all good with me, but dont try to persuade others not to care either… If the backlash gets this half baked system improve, it is make game game better for everybody. Everybody wins. For lot of people its a tough pill to swallow when all this progression and same armors were free in past games and now they are behind very steep and high paywall.

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And that’s why the game will die if 343 doesn’t listen. They need to target the fans and not the whales. If they fail this fans probably.wont give them another chance. They’ve had two other chances before with main line Halo games and they were horrible. People won’t stick around if they don’t fix this mess. I’m already getting there and I e been playing Halo for 20 years at some point we have to say enough is enough time for Microsoft to find a new studio if 343 messes this up again and I honestly hope they won’t, but the last week and now this botched event isn’t giving me any high hopes.

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What functional gameplay features are being removed and sold back? … [and how can that negatively affect the game?]

This is actually relatively easy to answer:

Ever since development of Halo 3, Halo developers realized that having a persistent game experience which extends beyond individual matches was a good idea. In order to achieve this, they implemented a progression and customization system which allowed players to rank up and achieve goals for themselves, and to show adornments for their achievements; to cultivate and develop their personal digital avatar which represented things like time with the game, personal aesthetic, and skill based achievments. This was expanded on by even making it your main player character in the campaign of Halo: Reach.

There are entire academic psychology papers written on the long-term motivational effects of player customization. This element isn’t divorced from the gameplay : it is part of the gameplay, and for a lot of players it’s what creates long-term investment in the larger franchise as a whole.

This isn’t an issue of “modern gamers”- this is an issue of a 14 year old legacy gameplay system in a 20 year old franchise being removed. It’s an issue of the people in charge of (and defending) the current overly aggressive monetization scheme not fully understanding or appreciating the dedicated fan base of the franchise, or all of the elements which have made it successful. This is bad for all players, and it is bad for the health and longevity of Halo Infinite itself.


This is why I won’t play these games. In Grad School I did research on this and refuse to play games that use this tactic.