6 reasons why (we all suffer)

No idea who decided on the colour core/ armor core system but they need to be fired.
No amount of “Market and User research” will ever come to the conclusion of “Let’s rob players of their ability to customize”

It’s not even a monetary benefit. People will straight up just stick with their favourites and never buy anything else ever cos they don’t get to mix and match, hurting your sales revenue even harder.

Example, if someone loves rocking Emile’s EVA helmet, but find out they can only use it on Mk5B Core, their incentive to explore other Cores already took a huge hit.


This is opening my eyes so hard rn. Ty so much for these insides. I’m thinking more and more about spending one single dollar into this game, and because I think you’re right with what you say the fun will cease very soon.

I disagree with the “could have” that it should be replaced with should have. 343 has had since 2009 to figure all this out, to do right by their player base. This was (a deliberate poor action) basically saying we don’t care about our player base, we just want them to throw money at us.

Don’t try to sugarcoat it becase that is just straight out stupid. There are no “mistakes” in what they actually did, and no, an apology will not cut it. Bungie pulled this crap a few times, and the fake apology comes right after it. Do you know what a person is actually saying when they constantly say “I’m sorry” but the same poor actions keep taking place?

They are saying, I’m sorry, can you please let me do it again…

Companies like 343 hire specialists to manipulate a system like the one that is in place right now. That is a fact, there is no “but” when it comes to this, it is a scummy practice period.

I don’t know if I should laugh or cry.


I’m pretty sure this different Core, different customization - idea is planned to bring in more profit. It’s like what they do in Pokemon games where you only can get a big part of the Pokemon in one of the two Editions and the other half in the 2nd Edition. And there are in fact many people out there not patient enough and not hesitating paying for it.

Bring the f*** back what always was standart in Halo: no colour-, core-, or EXP-limitations. Thats what I say to it.

Hell, you saved me from blind trust and hopes in the potential of the game, willing to get those Armor gear. So your mistake may be the experience that saves a lot more people like us. I will not spend a penny before I feel like I can play Infinite without being fooled, spending weeks for armor gear I had from beginning in Halo MCC without any colour or core limitations.

Lets be honest here, being tied to “use Weapon x” or “stick nate enemies 0/5” is killing fun rapidly.

This thread, and yourself, are absolutely right on.

Thats so true and on point. I’m foreseeing the Assassination kill animations from behind are coming as a feature in return for Premium challenges and cash. I’m really unsure to buy anything rn. When the Beta came out I wanted to buy almost everything. I feel like “You played every Halo title all your childhood and you still do today? Nah, thats cute.”

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I got burned too, my friend. I sure we all wanted to believe that 343i will finally hit the target on third try… With Staten back, damn I could feel the winds are changing. But this EA level of practice just shows this was all just a big distraction, bunch of lies and I should know better as soon as I heard “live service game” and “F2P” in one sentence.

I feel like all this stuff is fairly obvious. It’s just dirty business practice and predatory towards the players supporting the game, so we gonna complain.

I found this little gem: www.youtube. com/watch?v=h4ATKxz9PFc

Its kinda infuriating how everything said is “technically right” but completely dishonest at the same time.

I quote:

  • “If you can unlock something in the battle pass we’re not going to let any other players circumvent that by purchasing it out of the storefront.” - Well no, you can still buy levels to unlock it without even play one match. Damn, you even offer first 25 levels for 40 bucks! Did that guy miss few secret meetings? Can you bring him up to speed that you are larping as an EA now?
  • “A lot of our stuff is unlocked through playing the game and only through playing the game.” - I give you benefit of doubt here 343i. If upcoming event armor cant be purchased or circumvented through storefront and playing campaign will give you some nice armor kits, I will give you that one. If not, its another dishonest half truth, as all but few dyes/emblems can be currently purchased trough storefront. What you say should be representative of the end product on December 8th, so we shall see… So far it is not.

I wont even comment on that million customization combinations remark as that was clearly said before they got that “great” idea to lock and limit everything to armor cores.

I’m doubting this is going to work out as well as they think. If it’s frustrating but rewarding players might pay to unlock a level or two. But if it’s not rewarding, and you’ll need to spend quite a bit of money to make meaningful progress, then only those who have a lot of cash will bother to pay. But those people who’d buy their way to top would probably still do so if it were more rewarding. So I think a more rewarding system, that was somewhat frustrating, but not this frustrating would probably work out better in the long run. But maybe I’m wrong. Either way, it definitely makes me feel like most of their long term fans aren’t the target audience.

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Normally I know better than to trust corporations. But I still had some good faith left for 343, and was so excited for this game. I have some fun with this game, but it is accompanied by a crushing and depressing realization that Halo Infinite isn’t the escape from all the worst elements of capitalism that I was hoping for.

I wish 343 would acknowledge this and stand up against the folks who are pressing these decisions so hard.

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Anyone recognized the Store Items leaked in the Halo Sub reddit? Is it real? And if, does that look like the problems focused we want to get fixed? Can check it out " Outrage Spreading Over Leaked Halo Infinite Store Items." from Sean W on YouTube.

Maybe the audience able to pay is exactly the one that 343i wants to address. Okay ty for playing Halo for 20 yrs but money is more important. Ain’t gonna lie, I was willing to buy a few things in Infinite from beginning but if it takes 20€ (thats about 22$) for one simple helmet, attachment, colour set and vizor colour… what the f*** are we talking about here. You can have Halo 3 and Reach in Steam for the same money.

I agree that it likely is, which is why I pointed out they’d still likely buy if it was a little more rewarding. I have doubts that going with this little rewards is the most optimal for profits.

Yeah, it looks bad. But I agree with Sean that the store is not the main issue, its just an another symptom of corporate greed… Dont get me wrong, it is still a problem, prices are too high and none of these items are actually worth that asking price. Lot of F2P games will give you much better deals for 20 bucks. That being said, main problem is the whole implemented system: the impact of challenges on gameplay and team play, frustrating never ending grind, customizations locked to armor cores, RnG quick play, broken promises, all these issues done in name of money-grabbing, predatory tactic. If prices in store will go down 20%, it still wont solve all the issues named above… The whole system needs to be reworked from ground up.

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Yeah, I absolutely agree @Jerryen_CZ . What I wanted to say is that this leak means rather good than bad for the focus the game needs. And I really am not sure if they would rework this system. They would take small changes, maybe a big change but thats everything.

So the Fracture Event is out… here few my observations:

  1. Its Free but just technically - yeah, we get random event challenges leveling up the event pass. But it is random, so I guess we are so lucky that 343i can sell us challenge swaps to level up faster, right? What a happy coincidence this is…!

  2. Rewards are incomplete - So basically you get the default core and few shoulder pads and one more helmet. Everything else is behind paywall, imagine my shock.

  3. Limited Progress - so maximum level you can achieve for this week event is 7. I guarantee you, I ll bet my whole paycheck on it, that it is done to make sure we actually cannot customize that core unless we either wait two months to progress further or pay a hefty price for in store items which conveniently will start showing up in bulk once the event is done.

I just have to applaud 343i for this… They pulled every dirty trick in book for this one…


First I thought, hell these challenges bring more XP, they also level my Season Pass and one challenge unlocks instantly an item, cool! Then … I saw the Tenrai Pass, sit down, consists of about 40% content and 60% Challenge Swaps and XP Boosts (didn’t calculated, this is felt). Isn’t it ironic how you can’t see the forest for the trees? Why is it, that you need all of these? In return for the snail progression they created? For the Tenrai challenges that not instantly are replaced with another? No, instead of this you need to be lucky but maybe doing normal challenges first until you get a Tenrai one again.
And the point that kills EVERYTHING - 7 Tenrai challenges in total. Next Tenrai Week is January.
Who . the fu*kk . you think . you are kidding here 343?

Sorry for being emotional but more obviously 343 can’t sell us as idiots. For, let’s celebrate, 20 years they build trust and killing it completely in 1,5 weeks. Halo fractered out, time to do something valuable for the money you wanna grap so hard.

I’m only feeling 4.

The rest to me is very minor.