6 man:: made solo harder?

Don’t understand it myself.

But I play 100% solo games.
Since warzone & assault have become 6 players max.

I’ve noticed games have gotten harder.
Enemies are putting in more effort and using more REQS.

Doing things you don’t normally see people do.
Camping weird places, checking corners, holding unusual spots.

Or am I only getting placed on the incompetent side of every game.

I’ve just noticed it being a lot more competitive between the 2 teams and I guess that makes people want to use more req cards. For instance when the games close I’ll try and use more reqs now to help my team pull ahead where before it was a blowout one way or another and I didn’t want to waste anything.

As you know feedback on this topic goes here. And no it hasn’t.

I can’t tell any difference whatsoever (and as I always say farming was a very minor occurrence for me). I solo quite a bit and still pull off 20+ kills every game fairly easy without getting cheap kills on me.

id wager some play like this only cuz 343 and the illogical part of the community pissed them off.