6 hours for 1 level is 343s idea of “fun player engagement”

Title says it all, as many of you can tell by my engagement in the forums im a rather big halo fan, my earliest and fondest memories are playing halo CE and 2 with friends and family alike, and never as a fan have i felt less appreciated and taken advantage of by 343i, let me explain.

There are a suave of anti-player practices in halo infinite, but the most glaring and unthinkable to me is the speed at which you progress in the battlepass, it is so unbearably slow, even after the patch which IMO made it even slower.
It boggles my mind how fast we could get through the BP in the flight, only to have it brought to a slog, 20 games a level is insanity, 20 games easily takes over 5-6 hours to clock in and thats only playing quickplay, if i want to grind the BP i cant even bring myself to touch big team battle.
I am punished for having complete the weeklys and i have to suffer 20 games a level or wait an entire week for a reset, is this designed to make me addicted? I understand a fix is in the works but its just something that should have been figured out before the game launched, this is a colossal oversight at best and a malicious money grab at worst. And then the rewards for 75% of levels is challenge swaps and xp boosts, which i cannot use because i have no challenges.

How did this get past testing? Who at 343 made the call to make leveling up a complete trivial pursuit? It really feels like it was done to encourage level purchases and i dont want to give 343 that credence, i dont want to believe that 343 is only thinking about money and not about players, but everything points to it.
The horribly slow progression
The insanely intrusive and overpriced cosmetics
Events that offer little to no content outside the store
(RUMOR) no armour unlocks in the 70$ SP

Its really disappointing knowing we have to deal with all this for 6 more months, halo content drought is going to be more insane then ever before along with a snail slow progression.

I want to way its halo 5 all over again, but thats only related to content, this games progression is way worse then halo 5s ever was. This never should have been an issue, there is like 20 years of halo to pick and choose from. Big improvements are needed and i hope 343 can get to them before the start of next season


What would you prefer? How much quicker should it be?

Obviously the 6 hours is an overstatement though as you have the weekly challenges which offer about 5k exp (5 levels) and can mostly be done in 2-3 hours.

I’m 6 hours in and I’m not even into tier 3 yet…almost, but not quite. Arguably if you don’t manage to do the bigger pay out challenges that yield 250 BP xp each, then yeah, 6 hours is probably right for 1 tier. That’s assuming you aren’t playing BTB which can take longer.

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Yeah depending on gametype. I played for about 90 mins earlier to do my 10 placement games for ranked Crossplay.

So that’s a pace of 3 hours per 1 battle pass level. Which I agree is slow ha, but not so much with weekly challenges.

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It’d be extremely interesting to see how many weekly challenges would be completed by someone who just played the game, and never chased the weeklies. How many matches that shaved off the 2000 matches to get to level 100, and how much time it took to get to level 100.

Either way, no, I doubt 6 hours is an overstatement as weeklies are random, and which ones you get to track is random, and then what game mode you get is random, and which weapon / vehicle spawns is random, aaaand, potential allies having the same or a similar challenge is random.
Lot’s of variables there to throw that timeframe in either direction.

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Well it wouldn’t be unrealistic to say you could hit the max rank in like 60 hours.

3 hours per week, 20 weeks.

I’d be interested to see how many you would do organically too.

60 hours, with or without weeklies?
Sure, if you chase every single weekly, then it could probably work.
And that’s if you get them done in three hours consistently.

Otherwise, if you average 10 minutes per match, it’s 333,3ish hours to get level 100 without weeklies.
9 minutes, 300 hours.
8 minutes, 266,7 hours

Given the random nature of everything, I’d hazard that, not chasing weeklies could maybe net you, three or four weeklies every week.
Out of the 2000 required matches, you could potentially shave off 200 or 300 matches, maybe. Let’s say 400 for the sake of being generous.
Then you’re good and manage to average 8 minutes per match.
Still looking at 213.3 hours.

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Oh yeah I mean focusing on nothing but weeklies for 3 hours…

Im a little under 50 hours and im at bp lvl 19

My weeklies are finished, i had them all done in a day and a half, ive been needing to grind the 50 xp “finish a game” challenges
There needs to be more weeklys and 100xp per game, i shouldnt need to play 20 matches before a rank up

Ive stuck exclusively to quick play to get 10 minute or 12 minute games, i dont even touch btb unless im playing with friends

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