6 Days until launch and can we *politely* inform the staff at 343i we won't play the game for a day?

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Force their hand, force them to change the system. It’s predatory, It’s aggressive, It’s anti-consumer, It’s anti-player.

I have a strong feeling that this is what we’re getting on Day 1, There’ll be no separated playlists, no EXP based Progression System, more -Yoink!- challenges, more MTX’s and heavy incentive to visit the in-game store to buy Boosters and Challenge Swap Tokens just to make sure you feel like you haven’t wasted a week of your life.

This is so disappointing and depressing, Halo CAN be better than this, Players will be happy and willing to purchase MTX’s if 343i withdrew the knife from our necks trying to force us into buying stuff we shouldn’t feel like we need just to feel like we’re making “normal” progression.

Boycott the game, go on strike, obviously our feedback isn’t reaching the right people, we have an incredible amount of voting power at our hands, and it’s almost always with our wallet. But what if we didn’t play for an entire day? what if, say 70% of current players just didn’t log in one day? Just to prove a point.

Think that’ll be loud enough?