5V5 CTF Tournament Infinity Slayer Rules

UFA Will Be Hosting A CTF Tournament Soon
5v5 Infinty Slayer Rules And Maps any interested Teams Contact Krucialkilla19 XBL
We will be hosting multiple tournaments in the further also so stay tuned.

I’ll pass this time around. Infinity settings are not my cup of tea. The last thing I want is losing a tournament because I refuse to sink to the level of using Active Camo, Jet-Pack and Promethean Vision. That and all the other random Infinity rubbish. On top of that, the standard and Infinity CTF gametypes suck with no ability to manually return flag. I never liked playing 5v5 flag anyway. It doesn’t play as well on arena styled maps though judging from the overly casual settings, I would expect to see larger maps like Ragnarok. Ragnarok alone is a reason for me not to play :stuck_out_tongue:

If you host any 4v4 lobbies in the future using more classic esc settings without the randomness such as Legendary BR or even the competitive settings, count me in. I like competition and play customs regularly. Infinity settings are far from ideal for competitive however.

We do MLG rules also cause we have a MLG and UMG team. This just for fun and it was highly requested so we are hosting it.