5v4 & 6v4 Hacks need to be fixed

The extra bots with full teams needs to be fixed. If not at least make it so that that all players can take damage. If that is not possible then maybe removing players ability to do damage until their team has only 4 players (with or without bots).

Edit: Here is an example of the bots not taking damage. Watch at 1/4 to 1/2 speed. (delete space in youtu. be to get to video as forum is not allowing links to youtube anymore).

https://youtu. be/ckf1GfcJQr8?t=11

I don’t understand how this is a “hack”

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Changing the game beyond the programming is the hack. Having more than 4 players in a 4v4 match is not the intended design. Whether this exploit is from the new update or existed before - I don’t know.

I have been in multiple Quick Play matches where this has happened, but I never thought it was a “hack”. I always just assumed it was a bug. If it is a “hack”, then it must just be for laughs. The bots suck at playing Halo and they generally don’t help you win a match. If it’s Slayer or especially Attrition, then bots are a huge detriment. I agree that in some situations, having extra bodies around soaking up bullets and causing distractions might help you, but on balance, I think you are overall worse off having a bot on your team vs just an empty slot. Having a bot as a fifth member of your team is not a help, imo. Maybe have two extra bots for 6 v 4 starts to be an advantage. I’ve never seen a sixth player in a team in a 4v4 game, so I don’t know. But yeah, I’ve seen the fifth bot player a handful of times.