500 points for aliens ?

When did aliens become worth so much???
When playing WARZONE as soon as ANY alien turns up bases get abandoned to go chase aliens!?
Bases maybe boring but and earn points slowly but if you can get two bases and get about 200 points ahead basically you’ll win!
Chasing aliens give you a random chance of earning 100-150 quick points but there’s a chance the other team will get them and while you’ve abandoned the base the other team could capture it on route to killing the alien you’ve gone for.

In the last dozen games only though where our team have battled for the bases have I won, where the teams rushed off to shot aliens the cores been blow or as good as.
If a team as 900 points and all three bases … you may as well start packing your because you’ve already lost !

Aliens? Is this your first Halo game, son?

Obvious troll is obvious

Can’t tell if troll, or serious. Hopefully the former!

gr8 b8 m8


Their destruction is the will of the gods, and we are their instrument.