50 Daily Challenges is the limit

Only really seen it mentioned once on Reddit but not really as an official post. Just in case anybody is curious.
You can complete those in ~3h if you keep on playing Bot Bootcamp at the moment. CTF is the fastest match-type to complete one daily. But as always, it comes down to RNG whether you’ll get it.

EDIT: Also the countdown for the reset disappears once you reach the limit for the dailies.

Grinding out bot matches is boring and I’d only do it if I’m close to a level up and I’m getting ready to log off for the day.

While I generally think chasing levels is one good way to kill your enjoyment of a game, I also don’t think 343 should arbitrarily limit how much XP someone can get in a day. If someone wants to spend their entire day grinding XP, they should be allowed to do so.


People have resorted to just going AFK to farm the 50xp challenge

this system is broken & it’s going to require reworks far beyond just altering challenges, long-term retention is going to be difficult if people simply give up on playing the game due to lack of an engaging progression system.


Agreed, just like I mentioned in another post, the best way is probably to award a certain amount of XP based on kills, assists, medals, objective tasks, wins, etc. something that makes you benefit more if you perform better.
Afaik they’re working on it and plan to release a patch somewhen after the “official” launch?

I’ve even seen afk people in ranked trying to catch a ride up the ladder

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