50 cR even on Normal Firefight

Hello Guys,

I recently got Halo Anniversary, and so I decide to fool around in custom firefight. So after a single match, I get 50 cR. So I think, that’s a good idea! So people won’t be cheap and boost credits with invincibility and mega rockets! So then I select the normal firefight mode and finish that. And guess what? I GET 50cR. I’ve done some forum-seeking and haven’t found a clear solution. Can anyone help?

I guess it’s a really annoying incentive to play MM if you want to get alot of credits in a short amount of time, unfortunatly.

You don’t get very many credits from playing custom games in general. The most you can get is 609 an that is if your an inheritor.

The only way to get more cR is to have never played online. Once you make your gamertag an “online” gamertag, you will get next to nothing for any kind of custom game. Whether it’s default firefight customs or you vs your friends in a custom game. There is no way to revert back to an “offline” account.

Also, since this related to Reach, I’m going to move it over there.

Once you go online, you offline credit earning is permanently gimped.

Credits are kind of useless. They’re just meant to get stuff for show.

It’s never been a good credit system.