5 years from now, there will still be no content for players

Or at least that don’t pay.

Since there is still no way of getting cosmetic content in the game besides playing the current season, 5 years from now, new or rejoining players will have NO WAY of getting the past multiple seasonal content without paying a wall. You would be missing out on a consistent of 90% of your progression if you don’t buy 10% of each of it back.

To me, its like EA but backwards. Instead of buying more progression expansion in the future, you are buying more progression content in the past. But the overall similarity is that the only free content is just playing the game itself.

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There’s free stuff now. And in five years you’d expect there to be 5 times as much.

Don’t see the problem.

And if they continue the current system you could, in theory, buy the S2 game pass and work your way through it earning credits to buy S3… then S4… and so on. Right up to whatever they are up to (hopefully S18 or so if 343 get their act together).

And kudos if you get to five years and rely just on free content. Good for you. A moral victory against the evils of the world. You can keep posting in waypoint from the vantage point of your higher horse.

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As a time traveller, I will happily let you know that you are wrong.
The truth is much better than you could ever hope for. I cannot reveal much. Time paradoxes and whatnot.
But I can reveal that you should be on the lookout for 343i being replaced by S117.

Apologies. I have no idea what this means…

Yep. Get distracted a lot in the office at work (I hate the admin parts of my job). Plus I have a laptop plugged in beside my Xbox. Plenty of time to post here or there waiting for a game to pop up.

Waypoint is way too negative. Happy to try and be a tiny voice of reason.

Wow. Naïve, careless, and a fool. Triple kill.

You have my respect and my sympathy. I too browse while bored at work.