5 things Id like to see in Infinite. (PvE based)

Here are FIVE things id like in Infinite:

  1. All previous Weapons and Vehicles (perhaps armors too) touched up in the new graphics (and weapons with touched up or OG Audio) that are usable in the campaign (Not just in forge or PvP) - perhaps loadouts that can be customized from the pelican or UNSC crates here and there? Idk.
  2. Firefight, Spartan Ops and Warzone Firefight and other PvE modes for me and my friends to play (we do not really play PvP anymore, kinda grew out of it)
    +Just modes to be our own Spartan’s in.
  3. Wildlife on Zeta Halo - Flora and Fauna that make the ring seem more inhabited rather than barren like in previous Halo games (Halo 2 and Halo 3 having those bird things really made the game feel more alive)
  4. Flood DLC (no Prometheans) unless the flood is in the base game, I mean, you are setting yourself up for failure if there is nothing with the flood. Even a Flood Survival PvE Game would be cool.
  5. being able to place AI to create Firefight maps or Mini-Missions (like spartan ops) from PvP maps (also being able to forge Firefight maps) + more than 10 Firefight maps, they get old fast.

There is just a few things besides the generic
better looking game, Halo sounding OST, and an Actual halo feeling story that is not full of generic tropes or rip-offs from other games.
There is plenty more id like to see, but the biggest one for me is all classic weapons+loadouts in campaign. Would love to see all varients of Magnum and SMG and BR… AR… DMR, ETC that are all usable, could make 4-player campaign more interesting with people being able to take up roles like marksman, Breacher, grenadier, ETC.