5 killing spree fiesta challenge

This has got to be 1 of the worst challenges in the game . Having to do this with spree set loadouts is bs and needs changed


Considering you have a chance to spawn with an Energy Sword, a SPNKR, and Grav-Hammer, among with vehicles being available on certain maps, I would say this is quite an easy challenge compared to what I have gotten in the past.


When 80% of the time you get a garbo loadout it’s not easy at all by any means

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Yeah I have the same challenge. It’s been a total grind and every time I almost reach my killing spree, a hammer or sword guy comes out of nowhere and smashes me. Last game I had 3/5 sprees completed and got a killing frenzy so I was excited that I finally finished the challenge, but it only counted as one spree. So I’m still at 4/5. I can’t wait to finish it so I don’t have to play fiesta anymore!!! Good luck :+1:

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It’s not that hard! Just be patient, play it smart, and slowly if you have to. I like these kind of harder challenges. I wouldn’t want it any other way.


They should think upon what weeklies mean to each demographic playing this game.

7 days to get 5 killing sprees is actually a lot for a person who plays maybe 2 hours a day. An average person might take a few days of playing if they die as much as they kill, because killing sprees require 5 kills in a row. Keep in mind that this is after all those weekly challenges are already completed. What makes the matter worse for a casual player is that everyone is trying for this challenge, which makes them extra competitive.

These challenges are definitely for players who have expendable time or are pretty skilled. Players who just want to play casually will be at odds with it. There will also be those who may grow tired of having to go through these challenges on a weekly basis.

Weekly challenges are at the risk of being ignored, given what I’ve seen of them so far. That’s okay! Although I had originally imagined that their purpose was to get players to join the game each week with a time sensitive hook.

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The weekly challenge for 10 kills with pulse carbine is much harder lol.


That’s what I had. Swapped that straight away, lol.

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Little secret I HATED that gun and for alot of maps it simply won’t work, but use it at the ranges someone will try to battle riffle or snipe you, my god its like my eyes have opened… its effectively the long range needler…

However anything below mid range the tracking won’t work on so it Will lose ever fight.

Considering you can also spawn with a sidekick, plasma pistol, plasma rifle, hydra, commando, needler, mangler, and bulldog, it’s not easy to keep a streak going when your up against swords, hammers, rockets, cinder shots, and snipers depending on your luck. Sometimes it’s easy, other times it’s dumb hard. I’ve had some matches where I never spawn with a rocket or sniper. It’s just rng

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Agreed, it’s a lot better at far range than I expected. Though I will still say I find it’s tracking relatively useless in duel, when enemy is long range they can simply walk behind cover - but enemies long range fighting someone else - this gun is perfect to support the team in BTB.

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