£5 for the colours blue & gold on one core

Hard pass. Sorry not worth it, still limited to one core and £5 for a single colour is awful pricing.

Another reason FTP sucks, not like some of use brought the campaign to support you (£60) as well as the battle pass to just have some customisation (£10)

(£70 and I still cant get full customisation, cant mix cores, coatings or visors. You arent helping your players at all, just money hungry at this point.



Actually it is £4.31


Another instance of cross lacking core compatibility being the nail in the coffin for me not buy something. Well… apart from general misgivings about the price and not wanting to contribute to the problem too, but that blue and gold has been my aesthetic since halo 2. So that might’ve pushed me over to getting it, if it were on the core I use.


Cross-core colors (and visors) would be the best. I think it’s lame that you can’t mix and match armor pieces, but seriously, why can’t we use our hard earned/purchased colors throughout them all? Is it because they don’t want to pay the developers for the graphics to be coded into each design or something?


What a joke (another joke should I say).

£5 for a single core armour coating… do we look like we all wear clown masks to 343i / Microsoft?!

fml, it’s like they’re trying to push players away.


There are definitely clowns that buy this stuff. After the price drops, I saw a number of people saying they bought X bundle from the store because it was marginally cheaper. :man_facepalming:

Until the community collectively opts to not buy ANYTHING from the shop, 343 won’t lower their prices to anything that remotely resembles a decent bargain. There are people in this community with more money than sense, and 343 knows that, so they’re obviously going to take advantage of that.


Agreed I’m glad I have not spent anything in the store. But getting sick of the constant disconnect between the community and whoever is doing the prices/ higher ups, it’s just annoying and honestly don’t get the need to be so stingy on cheaper items, they have Microsoft, plenty of brand deals, media, toys etc, and the people who pre ordered the consoles and or game itself, more then enough money, and before someone says “games cost money” we know. But if it’s getting to a point that games can’t be made properly it’s not worth it especially when it starts pricing out casual fans and hardcore fans, the only ones who’ll pay for all this are people who have lots of money to spare/ impulsive people who want to get something they like (even if it’s a ripoff) and People who like to complete and collect armour sets and unlocks. .


And why is every armor coating used and abused? If I’m paying for it (I’m not though), it should look nice and clean and fresh. Not like it’s already been through battle.

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I like some games’ idea of rarity determining how good the paint looks (CS:GO, Payday 2), giving meaning to the word ‘quality’ with these pseudo-MMO rarity things. However, I still think the player should decide how worn or pristine the paintjob is. If I’m using a skin for a particularly long time because it has sentimental value, I like it having some wear and tear. But there’s some colours that, yeah, I would want to be fresh out the box.

I think 343 is just REALLY experimenting hard with the shop prices right now. Last week we had a bundle with 4 yoroi pieces 4 emblems and 3 armor coatings for all 3 cores for 1000 credits and right now we have ONE armor coating for 600 credits. That doesn’t make any sense, unless 343 is just experimenting to see what people want to pay.

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Garbage color combo aside, this makes me all the happier I got Deathly Poison for $0 when I did. Their prices are asinine and I’m losing motivation to grind for watchdog every day.


I only buy things that are actually worth while or valuable… I’m afraid colours aren’t valuable in any game.


That’s why we need to just leave


Yep. I hate it. Even with 5’s packs and all that, at least most of things were earnable. MCC is still my go to now.

Wait what core? I’m not able to check it out for the next few days.

Edit: I’m sold. Been waiting for these color options.

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This armor coating is why they desperately need to implement a UX that lets you purchase individual items from a bundle. Right now, I can’t see myself buying this coating even though I like it. It’s too expensive.

But now if it was in a bundle with like, a helmet attachment and some shoulder pads for a bit more, and all of them looked good with this coating, I could see myself forking over some cash.

This weird implementation of bundles and individual items is an okay start, but it’s gotta change.

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Nothing in the shop is worth buying and to sell shaders is actually lame. Go play other games and see how you can get hundreds of shaders for just simply playing the game. Destiny’s shader system makes 343 look incompetent.

343 is just being an idiot, but what’s worse is the ones that buy them knowing 90% of the shaders should be earned just by playing the game. Hell, even Halo 5 rec points makes this system look stupid.


Taxes and regional taxes say other wise.

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There shouldn’t be a shop for armour coatings or armour pieces in the first place!!

They should all be unlockable in the game and battle passes, at the very least!!

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Any coincidence that this skin in the store matches the weapon skins unlocked in Tenrai and last weeks ultimate weekly challenge? I think not.