5 Campaign Achievements not unlocking?

A Monument to All Your Sins
Complete each Campaign Mission on Legendary - alone.

Gods Must Be Strong
Complete the Campaign on Legendary difficulty.

You Flew Pretty Good
Complete the 6th mission on Normal or harder.

Send Me Out… with a Bang
Complete the 10th mission on Normal or harder.

Folks Need Heroes…
Complete the Campaign on Heroic difficulty.

The Soldier We Needed You To Be
Complete the Campaign on Normal difficulty.

I completed the campaign on legendary alone and these achievements did not unlock. These others for the campaign did. I haven’t played it since march, is there a patch that came out for it? Or is it possible that 343 can unlock them for me?

I got today “A Monument to All Your Sins” and “Gods Must Be Strong”

I have done all those achievements, and there have not been any patches to the campaign.
But are you 100 % sure that you have completed mission 6 and 10?