5 amateur pro tips on how to trash talk

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5 Tips how to Trash Talk
Purpose of trash talking is…

  • Throw off your opponent mentally - You want to either make them angry or frustrated enough they make rash decisions during the game - Hype your team and yourself up - You want to instill confidence in yourself, it’ll rub off onto your team (usually) depending on how competitive they are**(Stats don’t lie)**
    Any moron can swear, use racial slurs, talk about **** size, having -Yoink!- with their mom, or call someone , but that’s middle school level teasing. It isn’t really effective with older people because it doesn’t phase anyone to accuse someone of something who they don’t even know personally. Therefore, you need to find factual flaws, and attack it. Attack things that are true, stats: the final score, their k/d, your k/d, their rank. These are the things you can work with. Makes it even worse for them because they know it’s true too, your team knows its true, and their team knows its true and there’s nothing they can do about it.
    (Keep your ears open, not just your mouth)
    Anyone can speak, but taking what other people say and using it against them takes intelligence, quick wit, and cleverness. Jump on any opportunity you have since the post-game lobby only lasts at most 30 seconds. Hear someone accusing your team of camping? Answer back by saying “sorry, it was just too easy to sit and wait for you dumb
    *s to walk into my sights”.
    (Ask Questions, let them do your trash talking for you)
    I find it the easiest to get people defensive and angry, when you ask them to explain things for you. After a game, instead of saying “your team sucks”, I ask them “why did you guys lose? You had the lead” or “what’s the final score guys?” or my personal favorite “How did you get to onyx rank? Who carried you?” The answers you’ll get are hilarious and only giving you more questions to fire back at them. No one wants to admit defeat or poor skill, so keep asking them to infuriate them more. If a team refuses to say what the final score is, answer back with “math must not be your strong suit then”
    (Build yourself up)
    Insulting people is 50% of trash talking. The other 50% is praising yourself. The more you praise yourself, the more the other team will go out of their way to disagree or prove you wrong. Look at my gamertag for god’s sake, I have a target painted on my back every game. But you want to welcome this, it makes them even more angry. Tell them they are jealous or will never be on your level. Especially if you had their number the entire game. If you are feeling generous, praise your team too, tell your team how bad the other team is in comparison. It’ll make your team more confident.
    (Remember to Walk the walk)
    It’s wonderful if you can talk the talk, but it’s also important that your own performance be above theirs. In other words, don’t trash talk if you can’t back it up, you look foolish and sound stupid. So if you do happen to guarantee a win before the game and end up losing, you better have something good to say in the post-game lobby.
    When it comes to trash-talking it doesn’t matter who hurls the first insult so long as you get in the last word in. They will try to interrupt, so feel free to go on a rant. You’ll know you’ve won your war of words when you’ve left your opponent utterly speechless, get muted by them, or get spam messages for 1v1s.