5-25 Second Lag

Ive been reading the forums all day on the “walking into walls” lag issue and its safe to say 343 has your money,does not care about the issue,and will continue to do nothing as long as we keep pumping them money through the REQ system.It seems to be multiple ISP’s and everyone’s other multiplayer games work no problem.Im in the same large boat.Open NAT,30 MB DN,6 MB UP,90 Latency.Ive tried cache clearing,port forwarding,static IP,DMZ,hard reset,unplugging router,resetting router,upgrading my internet.The BS ive done to try to just use a product Ive paid for and can barely play is unacceptable.Im sure this again will fall on deaf “rich” ears so I will probably get a “meh” at best.The end of January is the final date I will wait for this to be fixed,then I will move on from this franchise forever.Seriously after how bad MCC turned out I cant believe I fell for this again.You may also check my play time to see I have tried everything to play this “game”.STOP IGNORING US.STOP RELEASING CONTENT AND START FIXING THE GAME!