4v4 only please!

Don’t know why all the playlists are based In 5v5. 4v4 has always been the go to in halo. All the maps are basically designed for this. Of course big team battle is different. Can we get all the playlists back to 4v4 please?

I struggle to get 3v3 :confused:
In fact half my games so far have ended up being 3v4…

I’ve seen 6v5 even though it’s only 5v5. Kinda odd. No sure parameters are set right at all. Very odd. I think whoever programmed these lobbies was drinking heavily.

343 pleaseeeeeeeeeee make it 4v4!

Social slayer used to be 5v5 only ranked was 4v4

You do realize that 5v5’s are amazing… and they have been in previous halo games as the standard… If anything I’d rather have a 5v5

LOL No. Just. No. 4v4 was never the go-to. 8v8 was for clan play. Objective game types. The glory days. 4v4 is so 90’s. I’d rather see multi-team. REAL multi-team. 4 teams of 3. 4v4 sucks. I have too many friends to try squeezing down to a 4v4. At least with multi and doubles we had the option for smaller teams. Halo 4 was all 4v4 and that SUCKED. The populations proved it. Get out of here.