4v4 Halo 1

I would like to request a 4v4 Halo one multiplayer option! Any support?

I would love to see that playlist come back. We had to beg and plead for months to get it put in the first time. I was sad to see it last such a short time.

I’m always down for halo 1 custom games add me my gamertag is v Gutz with a space between the “v” and the “G” not to get confused

I support this!

I run with some people who play btb around 8 midwestern time,might be able to convince them to play some arena.

We had this playlist before, but it was removed. From what I understand, it was because of a population issue that it wasn’t finding games fast enough.

HI I’m xEpicxSlothx. I was wanting to know if you would like to join my fireteam?

I suport not this

Of course that I support this. If any of you guy are down for some H1 custom games please add me, ITACHI031208


Please god