48x9 Completely Broken by Winter Update

So I hopped on today to finally play the campaign with my wife, my buddy, and his wife. I fire it up and it steadfastly refuses to display across my entire NV Surround display. I can get it there in windowed mode, but it’s not the right resolution, and refuses to set my resolution scale above 66% in any aspect ratio over 16x9. I’d still be angry if the game at least centered itself in my display, but it’s squished across 2 of the 3 monitors and therefore completely unplayable with a giant bezel down the middle of my reticle. The only way I can get the game remotely playable is by forcing an undersized 16x9 window on a single monitor.

Every single other game I play behaves perfectly fine in 48x9. Halo Infinite worked perfectly fine until this update as well. Game developers mastered the art of letting the user select the correct resolution and aspect ratio sometime in the 90s, and I’m extremely confused as to why we’ve abandoned that concept in favor of systems like this that break so easily. I’ve restarted my Surround display multiple times, restarted my PC, and even attempted to edit the game’s config file, which just overwrites my changes with what the game thinks is best every time I press play. I was extremely excited about being able to run through the campaign with my friends and family, like I have with every previous Halo title, but that excitement is going to wear off pretty quickly if the game remains unplayable, especially due to the devs deciding that they know better than the player as far as settings are concerned.

My suggested solution would be to allow players to force an aspect ratio and resolution. There’s literally no reason that that option shouldn’t be available, and I can think of several downsides of NOT having it. I’d also settle for a hotfix to correct this issue, or some tech support from devs or the community on how to solve this issue. I paid $240 for this AAA title (copies for me and my friends/family) to play co-op, sat and waited for a year for it to be available, and the update that finally adds co-op completely breaks the game on my setup. Please fix this ASAP.

Specs (if they’ll help):
Ryzen 9 5900X
32GB G-Skill DDR4-3400
3x Samsung C27HG7x @144Hz (NV Surround 7680x1440)
Geforce Game Ready Driver Version 526.86
Windows 10 Home 21H1

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I agree. I am having the same problem. Is there a fix for this?

Same problem with a triple monitor setup using Nvidia surround. I wrote to Halo Support, and they basically responded with “kick rocks”. Halo worked PERFECT before the winter update and I too have played with SO MANY different settings. I get a weird size screen, at best, that centers to the left of the center monitor. So frustrating.

I have yet to figure anything out. Drivers have updated again and it’s still having the same issue.

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I’d submit a support ticket, the more tickets submitted, the more devs are aware of the issue.

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Same issue. Has anyone found a fix yet or any word from support? I was really hoping to play this on my triple monitor setup over my console.

I just bought the game and have this same problem. Very disappointed that I can’t use my NV surround and kinda shocked they would release a game in this state. Should be fixed by now! Is there a work around other than playing this game on a single monitor?

So far, nothing on my end at all. Halo support offered no solutions, and I can’t seem to find anything online that will allow the screen to stretch to the size it needs. When I say no solutions, I mean just “Sorry the game is broken for you”. Keeps giving me 5120X1080 as a maximum size when I need 5760x1080. Centers to the left of all the monitors and leaves a gap showing my desktop on a little less than half of my right monitor. Very frustrating.


Same here updated drivers and game is only on left screen

Same here, I’m totally disappointed !!!

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5760x1080 broken with 452x950(88% maximum] on 2070 RTX super.

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Yep, 5760x1080 broken. Game was awesome ultrawide…

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