45 matches to complete the Ultimate Challenge

Whichever 343 employee thought of this week’s challenge should have a bucket of ice cold water poured over them. Sorry, I know that’s mean, but that’s how I feel right now.

I finally got it though: https://www.xbox.com/play/media/MQ34T365


Win 3 CTF matches in ranked PvP


1 Strongholds
2 Slayer
3 Slayer
4 Strongholds
5 Strongholds
6 Oddball
7 Slayer
8 Oddball
9 Oddball
10 Oddball
11 Oddball
12 Slayer
13 Strongholds
14 Oddball
15 CTF
16 Slayer
17 Oddball
18 Oddball
19 Slayer
20 Slayer
21 Oddball
22 Oddball
23 Strongholds
24 Oddball
25 Oddball
26 Strongholds
27 Oddball
28 Slayer
29 Strongholds
30 Oddball
31 CTF
32 Slayer
33 Slayer
34 Oddball
35 Oddball
36 Oddball
37 Slayer
38 CTF
39 Slayer
40 Strongholds
41 Slayer
42 Slayer
43 Strongholds
44 Strongholds
45 CTF

Game 15: Bazaar lost 5-0
My team: D3, P2, P2, Unavailable (Quit)
Their team: Onyx, D5, D1, P5

Game 31: Bazaar won 2-0
My team: P4, P3, P2, G6
Their team: P2, P1, G5, G4

Game 38: Bazaar won 3-2
My team: Onyx, D6, P6, P2
Their team: D4, D3, D3, G2

Game 45: Aquarius won 4-1
My team: P5, P4, P2, P2
Their team: P4, P1, P1, G6


Pain. Now you may rest.


Congrats…but it’s a crap backdrop that you probably won’t use and definitely not worth what you went through to get it so totally pointless.


That is absolutely abysmal. I quite like it with the HCS celebration nameplate. Not a chance I’ll make that. My one challenge is RNG and I’m not skipping, still haven’t got the other first. Was planning to play a fair bit today to get it, but the washing machine broke down and I had to get some bits and pieces then fix that. Had the baby for the last four hours so I’ve totally given up any hope of getting it.

Still need a zonal game before I can even think about flag. There’s 0% chance of playing 50+ ranked games today/tomorrow night. Great job getting your backdrop. Can’t imagine many others will be using that one.


After what I just went through I’m going to use it for a while lol


Agreed… I’m sitting at 2/3 right now…it sucks. They should have made it win 1 ctf ranked or play 3 ctf ranked … Or even a dedicated ctf option but win 3 ranked??? In 40 matches, I’ve only gotten 4-5 ctf matches


Yeah I don’t blame you…fairplay for doing it but I think you’re absolutely mental for even going after it tbh! :joy:

Who do you support btw? Hope you’re not a Birmingham City fan! :crazy_face:


Chelsea :grin:
Just won the club world cup too!

Fairplay…I still don’t like you but not as much as I would have if you were a Blue Nose! :joy: Villa fan here btw! :blush::+1:

The ranked rewards in MCC were my favorites. I also have been switching around the backdrop for my spartan, because I haven’t really settled on one.

So that being said, I’m grinding the f out of this weeks challenge, because I want that emblem!! Friendly reminder that not everyone has the same tastes in what is and what is not worth grinding for :grinning:.

(I’ve got 2/3 CTF wins so far)


It’s crazy how bad 343 is at coming up with challenges. It’s almost funny at this point. This is the first weekly ultimate since release that I won’t even attempt to get. At least in QP I’ll be replaced if I quit. But I’m not willing to screw over 3 people in ranked matches every time I don’t get CTF.

Seriously, whoever’s in charge of the challenge system is straight up bad at their job. Pure incompetence.


It’s the second week with a weekly challenge like this. The person in charge of that doesn’t have a single neuron, it seems like they’ve never touched a halo game in their life to know what they’re doing.


this clearly shows the game intentionally blocks modes that have challenges active.

so they must have an algorithm in place that can block game types, maybe that’s why we only have 4 challenges active at a time, tinfoil hat or not you decide.


343 shills will come in here saying they got the ultimate challenge completed in negative 8 games and tell you its a player issue, l2p, challenge is fine, sorry bud but at least you can put this challenge behind you before 343 jokesters come up with an even more atrocious one.


@Venture_Jones how did this one go for you? :joy::joy::joy:

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Absolutely. Any time I have a game mode specific challenge it will take approx 2 hours for that game mode to come around in the rotation.


Respect you kept on going.
I gave the game up until they fix it and going out of Beta.

Played 4 hours today. Got ctf once. Still need one more…:slightly_smiling_face:

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Guys, they aren’t going to change it, it’s set up so it is so painful to earn rewards (crap rewards at that) for free that you will feel inclined to buy them instead.

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Thank God I’m opting out of it this week. Ots just a basic flag background… Not Weekly reward worthy and defontly not worth dealing with RNG