44/46 For master chief saga playlist on MCC

My friend and I beat the playlist do op and we didn’t get the achievements. The maw and the the heretic are not marked as completed but the rest are.


I don’t know abou the maw, but The Heretic and The Armory are not playable in Co-op

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so i played the whole playlist for no reason basically?


i dont think its that though, atleast for the maw.

how do i get a 343 employee to look at this?

I had something similar happen with “Nagato makes moving easy” where it didnt unlock and i made a post and they fixed it lol

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I know this is an older thread but same issue here.

Completed the Maw with no issues, and when Halo 2 started it was like the Heretic cutscene skipped - it wasn’t until we finished the playlist that I noticed those 2 were not marked as completed.


This is a known issue with the playlist when playing co-op, unfortunately.
It’s been reported on Waypoint Support, but a fix has not occurred yet.

The workaround BEFORE playing it is to play co-op until you start The Maw.
Then, you must play The Maw solo, and the two cut scene missions at the start of Halo 2 Solo.
Then Resume playing co-op at Cairo station.

The only way to FIX this if you’ve gone through the whole playlist NOW is to replay the playlist and get to THE MAW - and play it solo, as well as the next two cut scene missions SOLO.
Then you have 2 options. Try to find someone who is at or near the end of the playlist and hop in with them to finish the final level - OR Do it all over again.

The unfortunate reason for this, is that the achievement ONLY checks when you complete the last level of the playlist - and it checks back to see if all missions are marked as ‘completed’.
So that’s why it didn’t unlock for you.

Sucks, and I’m sorry, but this is the only way for you to get around it for now.


Yes just finished the playlist with a friend and just saw the 44/46 bug :confused: SOMEONE AT 343 PLEASE FIX THIS BUG

  • Sincereley all achievement hunters

Wow this is bs hahaha.

I forgot to check on this thread and I just played through halo again and it still didn’t pop

Halo being the second mission of CE?

In any case, you’ll need to play through and complete the Maw, Heretic and Armory - and THEN somehow complete the last level of H4 in the playlist (either by playing the whole playlist again, or pairing up with someone who is there) and then the achievement will pop.

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Ain’t it sad that THAT is the solution to the problem.

Until they fix it, it is what it is.

Wow that’s neat

Thank you for the info :joy:

I guess people aren’t that into the story to play it on a higher difficulty. How did the community get 343 to add the LTC playlists honestly that’s got to be less popular then having a playlist with just mythic an thunder on or something worth an achievement. I’ve yet to hear someone tell me they played LTC or LASO for fun!

Good luck, i asked 3 months ago for the halo infinite
battlepass 100lv achiviement bugged and all they can say as today is “they are still working on the problem” :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::rofl:

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Honestly, just don’t do this on co-op. It feels like playlist achievements don’t operate very well with co-op.

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This just happened to me aswell :frowning: quite frustrating.

Sorry man. I replayed it and it didn’t count still.

Sorry for the questions, but I need to be specific in what I ask:

  1. Did you replay it solo?

  2. Did you complete the Maw, Heretic, and Armory solo?

  3. Did you play through until the final mission of H4, and complete it?

  4. If you look at the missions in the playlist now, do ALL of them have a blue complete bar under them?

I played through the entire thing from the beginning again. It now says 46/46.

Hey, I asked very specific questions for a reason.
The achievement triggers based on certain timing and criteria.
Can you take a look at my 4 specific questions again?