40+ leavers per day.

This is the absolute worst game to play in terms of leavers in ranked I have ever seen. I get at least 40+ leavers a day when I play ranked games and i’m not even talking about big team battle. I have contacted Xbox support about this and they will do nothing about it. So what does 343 tell me? “We have a Banhammer bot” A banhammer bot that does not do anything to these players because it doesn’t matter if they leave 2/5 games that they play and the number of players who leave games because of this is only growing higher because they want to pad their KD’s. I like padding my KD just as much as the next guy but I will not leave a game to do so. This is ridiculous. Especially when you lose rank because you just played four games in a row 2v4 in slayer. I’m not saying that 343 should start limiting the amount of points that you lose when at a disadvantage in ranked games because it would cause more problems. Here’s my solution.
We need to start punishing players on a minimal level instead of just oh hey you left 60000000000 games and now you’ll finally be banned from rank. No. We need to start giving leavers time penalties like just about every other game out there if you leave a ranked que. The more times you leave a ranked que the higher the timer gets. They will eventually stop and their timer will be reduced by the number of games they have successfully completed without leaving.
Just a thought. But i’m super sick of trying to get my KD back to normal and increase my skill level and ranked divisions while being blasted by this many leavers daily.
I’m sick of it 343I. Stop giving us a bunch of BS about your LeaverBot when this is the result we’re having to deal with.

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