4 years on and MCC still isnt right?

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343 and microsoft promised on their video advert that halo 2 on mcc will be exactly the same as it was released over 10 years ago. Yet still I am unable to access the full halo 2 multiplayer on mcc. Its more like a demo version! I paid £45 for a halo 2 demo and Microsoft refuse to refund me and tell me to report my issue to 343.So then halowaypoint and 343… where is the rest of the game and why have you changed the maps so you cant access the areas that we could access nearly 15 years ago? Im now stuck with a demo version of the game which I hate and the only way to access some of the maps are by playing gametypes where halo 2, 3 & 4 are mixed.Youve down right lied to us all and stolen our moneyWhat do i do now… and how do I access the whole game?Angry is an understatement. Im absolutely disgusted at how much you have ruined the name Halo.You better have a bloody good answer to this?