4 Things that would complete this game for me

MCC is overall a great game at this point. It is so much fun and the nostalgia still kicks in when i play. But there are some things i feel are still missing that would bring it to the next level and make it feel complete

  1. Custom controller assignments: this needs to be in the game i should be able to map any button to any action i want. I want right click to be crouch, and i cant do it unless i use xbox accessories app which is a real pain when it should be built in

  2. Halo 2/H2A skins: these games got no love and have literally zero weapon skins released which is a real shame and i think disrespects the greatness of halo 2 which is my favorite halo game ever. Sadly since infinite is out this may never happen but i really hope it will

  3. More controller aim settings. Mcc has pretty basic aim settings which are adequate but not great. All of the settings that are in infinite should also be in mcc.

  4. Add join in progress: this one ive been wanting for a long time and they still never added it in. I understand the original games didnt have this feature but people leaving matches really ruins the experience sometimes and this is the best possible solution. Penalties clearly dont work since it still happens all the time. We shouldnt let the past and how things were hold us back in the present to have a better game now

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I believe with custom games browsers support, join in progress as a feature is added to each title it supports. I don’t know if it would require much more work to implement this within matchmaking, but hopefully not much.

I kinda wanna touch on the H2C/H2A point and say that yes, there are H2A skins in the work, but H2C is largely a write-off due to how difficult the game is to work on (the devs kinda revealed how much when discussing the hurdles it took just to fix it’s visuals in comparison to CEA)

unfortunately the devs admitted they were feeling “unsatisfied” with the quality of the H2A skins at the time, and as such have consistently been tweaking and pushing them back. it’s likely they will see release next year alongside the other unreleased content, but it might not be until H2A gets a mod tool release since I think H2A has a ton more things that need to be fixed or restored too (such as Lighting, the Rocket Hog and 2-Seat Wraith’s gunner textures and balancing, the Active Camo armor module, the unfinished Warrior Armor set, etc.)

No to join in progress… Join in progress is total toilet… I would agree to join in progress if only it was optional in the match composer.

At this point in the MCC life cycle, if this could increase more full games, I will take the negative to increase the positive. I see a lot drop outs, while the game is loading, or shortly after. Maybe, have JiP open until 1 min after the match starts?

I just want them to disable the spread for the pistol in social like they did in hardcore doubles for Halo CE.