4 Shot BR..when it wants to be

Since that TU, i find this thing so hit and miss. It seems within the AR range it’s 4 hits but anything beyond that its all over the place. Like most, you probably watch the shields drop and count rounds off but out of the entire weapon update this was in random.

When i am host, it goes. Other than that its a 50/50 for me. I have never been a BR user to begin.

Anybody else notice this or am i just in the lag zone most of the time?

PS4 is looking sweet…

You think this BR is hit and miss with it’s 4-shoting?

Halo 3 BR was terrible for its inconsistencies. It could 4-shot, but it was significantly harder to accomplish.

You’re probably just missing bullets and/or dropping shots. It happens.

To get a perfect 4 shot with the BR, you have to hit 11 of the 12 bullets in the four bursts. If you have a twitchy shot like I do often 1 of the 3 bullets per burst will miss and you won’t get a 4 shot.

Let’s face it, online MM is going to have hit registration issues also unless if you are the host.

It has the most bullet spread out of all the utility rifles.

The Halo 4 BR has a humongous amount of spread that makes the weapon inconsistent at even a medium range. Coupled with recoil, the weapon is just random.