4-Player Coop in Halo CE and Halo 2?

I’m nowadays playing a lot of the Campaigns for Legendary Speed Runs and LASO, i love to do them with 2 friends of mine on Halo 3, ODST, Reach and 4.

However I wish I could do the Legendary speedruns and LASO with both of my friends instead of having to do LASO for example 2 times with both of my friends, why haven’t 4-Player Support been added to Halo CE and Halo 2 Campaign yet?


Campaign spawns would have to be changed, that is if the engines are capable of supporting it at all.

That being said I’d love it as well if we could.

I’d like to see it somewhere down the line. Cross play and split screen on PC are more of a priority as far as co-op is concerned, in my opinion.

I have a good feeling that in a few years this will be added, after they fix the netcode ofcourse, co-op delay is no fun :frowning:


I really do want to see this, but there would have to be some major work to get it done. If 343 doesn’t do it, though, modders certainly will. 4 player coop for ce and 2 will come, it’ll just take some time and may or may not be “official” in the sense that 343 makes it happen.


I really do hope this happens sooner rather then later