4 or 5 hours of playtime in quick play to get no stronghold

I had plenty of Stronghold game before but now that I have a “Win a stronghold game” challenge I only got one in hours that I lost of course so this challenge is undone since yesterdqy (I rest today so I really played a lot). Not one Stronghold mode in quick play in HOURS. What is that? Pure bad luck or are we about to find out that Infinite has an algorithm like so many mobile game to lower chances to complete challenges and encourage the player to pay? The progression system is so bad I actually think this is a possibility.

Can’t wait their next update where they say they acknowledge our feedback to problem they already know and knew they were bad because it is intended this way.


No stronghold for hours again. This is a joke.

Same thing here, I have had multiple strongholds challenges and I have found 1 match in about 6 hours, and my camera was glitched so I had to leave it lol

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I also feel the game is giving players the wrong game types on purpose, If you play quick play as soon as you see the game type you can quit out and not get punished. This is probably a glitch so use it sparingly. It might work in BTB but I haven’t tried it.

I don’t think there is a penalty for quitting out of quick play matches, I could be wrong though

Yesterday I played for about 8 hours on and off. Needed to play and win a single slayer match to complete two challenges. I ended up getting a single slayer match in all that time, and lost 48-50. This “progression” system can go straight to Hell.


In quick play it looks like you can quit without penalty. I mean with this system surely they know people are gonna quit because they are chasing challenges.

I don’t want to quit games and neither should you. It’s grieving to other players. It’s not us that should have to quit games to progress faster. It’s the system that should support us. Even if it’s à free to player there surely is a better way to do this.

So now I get 3 games of ball in a row and no Stronghold. Scam confirmed. The game blatantly make me avoid stronghold game because I need one.

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Yeah this -Yoink!- is ridiculous. The challenge should be “Win a Big Team Battle Game” or “Win 3 Quickplay Games” because those are the things you can CHOOSE to do. I can’t CHOOSE to play Stronghold i have to -Yoink!- luck into it. These challenges just take modes that i usually find fun and make me disappointed to see then because they aren’t the one i need for a challenge.

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I shouldn’t have to use a challenge swap for a “challenge” as simple as “win a stronghold game”. Today when I got this 3 ball mode in the row I quitted a match for the first time in a long long very long time but it wasn’t to search again for Stronghold. I exited to the desktop and now I am hesitating to unistall. The game has been out for a week. I already don’t want to play it. I love it. It’s the best Halo game but while playing it I feel I support this non sense. I think I will uninstall. I’ll see tomorrow if I still don’t want to relaunch the game.

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