4 man arena team

I need people for a 4 man team on Arena I just made new account and I’m gonna get placed. I need 3 Diamond/Onyx players to do slayer or breakout since you kinda need a team for it otherwise you get crushed by 4 mans, which is all I seem to find. I’m Onyx on my strafeacious account and on rayhans goat account :smiley: ~ Hoping to see some Skids messaging me. - SLL Victor 101 is the gamerag I’m using - its not a real team just some people who wanna win

Add me bro Diamond in Slayer/Arena. Onyx in Swat and not places yet for FFS but think I’ll get Onyx as I’m only being MM with that level lol.

I’m platinum 5 right now but my win rate over the last 3 days is about 85% and my K/D is about 2.0. I only play team slayer but want to make a ranking push. My gamertag is M4tt on FIRE