4 Issues in MM need to be fixed

  1. Join in progress - Always join a losing team, or join a game that is fresh but with the enemy team in control of every vehicle on Ragnarok. Also hard to counter attack when the enemy team is already in position for map control.

Solution: Join in progress should only work when you’re joining your friend in session. But when I have a full party looking for a game, It should look for another party and start the game new.

  1. Weapons on map - I can’t think of how many times my BR/DMR runs out of ammo during a gun fight. Yes sometime I kill people and pick up their ammo but sometimes I’m hanging back and picking people off. When I go to the body the weapons disappear really fast.

Solution: Place DMR/BR at base for people to go back and get ammo. Also wouldn’t hurt to throw in some grenades. Ragnarok, place BR/DMR/P.Grenade at each bases.

  1. Stay zoomed when getting shot - This is probably my most hated feature in Halo 4. In Halo 3 when there was a sniper at middle of Valhalla, you would be able to shoot at him to un scope him so you an actually move up and take control of middle. Right now snipers are like so easy to get kills. I’ll be shooting at a sniper trying to kill him but if he’s good he will kill you. Lets not forget the Binary rifle with no unzoom when shot.

Solution: Make it so when you get shot you get zoomed out. This will also help people counter attack DMR spammers from long range. 1 vs. 1 in a DMR battle or Light rifle is kind of easy, whoever gets the most shots. But if you are zoomed out the better player will quickly scope in a continue shooting.

4.DMR/Sniper damage to vehicles - I didn’t know that vehicles in 2557 were made out of toilet paper. 4 shots from a sniper will take down a happy Banshee pilot. If he were to die by a tank that’s ok, a tank is powerful and supposed to do that. Banshees already fear the Spartan laser, now we also have Railgun which is not as bad. But we also have a sniper that spawns at base. 3 power weapons a Banshee pilot has to watch out for. Spartan laser is ok because the two teams have to fight for it whereas the sniper spawns in base.

Solution: reduce Sniper/DMR damage by half to vehicles? If people are going to complain saying that they will be getting kill frenzy with the Banshee that is false. You leave vehicle destroying to weapons that are supposed to destroy vehicles. Spartan laser/Rail gun/Plasma pistol(start with it)/other vehicles(Mantis does a lot of damage to Banshee). Not even talking about Ordnance power weapons which also makes a vehicle drivers day a lot worse.