4 banshee ultra in approx 60 gold packs

You guys getting the same odds on your side?

That’s just RNG being RNG. Doesn’t help that your REQ pool keeps expanding with every new cert you get.

Yep. It’s ridiculous.

It’s worse with the ONI Scorpion and Tartarus’ Gavel. But the happier I am when I get one out of a pack.

I just unlocked it due to the huge influx of packs I got today (unlocked before I got the sword banshee too) and so far I’ve received like 6 in total

Oh how i long for some ultra banshees… but my luck has it, that i should just recieve infinite numbers of Tartarus’ Gavels instead! Lots of hammers! And lots of scorpions but that’s roughly about all i get hahaha