4/10 For Halo 5

Solo :
+Good level desing
Not ugly to look

-Too short ( 4H on Heroic)
Terrible, terrible story

+Feels like old Halo
Break Out
-Terrible aim acceleration
Poor maps (+ Ugly)
Terrible spawns
Rotation completely Yonk
Borring Arena
Warzone boring after 2 games on the same map
No social, only this mess with radnom killers or poor noobs
Random Pack ( no more challenge to unlock some thing)
My list is way to long, to be honest I feel than 343 again kill my nostalgia with this Yonk game, hope for an update of lot things said before, for now I return to solo games and with fallout 4 caming out I’m shure than Halo 5 (community will be lower and lower with this poor contenent)

I guess 343 you can’t do a right game, I’m terribly sorry but you should let another studio take a lead.

Worst Halo ever.

Terrible Campaign, and casual Multiplayer for noobs.

Halo 1,2 and 3>>>Reach>>>>>>>>>Halo 4>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Halo 5

Halo 5 is DAE -9999/0000. 3v4i can’t make no gaem. Worts gme evar. Bungevision >>>>>>>>>>>>> haylo 5: gardenz.

Just an honest parody.

Alright. Enjoy Fallout.