3v3 UA players are angry people

I did a match where I was prophet vs. triple prophet on frozen valley. I had the reactor side so I did this awesome strat where I got tech 2 beam right away and went to the enemy and cleansed all their warehouses. So I finish the first guys base and go to the second, still no shield so I cleanse away. Second guy done, go to the third guy, still no shield, cleanse away. Few jackals, cleanse. Tons of fun. Anyway, my teammates were sitting on their thumbs and of course I couldn’t do it forever, so suddenly all three prophets start targeting me. Not exactly fair, is it? Well after 15 minutes or so my teammates finally had gauss, PT, and hawks, which they promptly positioned in front of their bases for 5 minutes. Then the game goes OUT OF SYNC, FIX PL0X.