3v3 Team Wanted

Hey people. (First post, so be kind :D)

I am looking for some people to do a 3v3 team with me, as I always play on my own and I feel that I am not getting good enough team-mates to win matches.

I am looking for someone who will play as Forge and make Grizzlies, and another person who will play as either Anders or a Covenant player who will make Hawks or Scarabs.

Basically, I just want a team which will be strong in the later stages of the game, but maybe rush early on with a leader or Warthogs.

If you are interested in joining the 3v3 team, then please add iTz Spudinator on X-box live and message me about what you are going to do. It would be much appreciated if I can get a good team up in a few weeks or two!