3v3 Team/Strat?

First of all, I was wondering what (if any) strategies you guys implement in standard Halo Wars 3v3 party matches. Not enough people on my FL play it often, let alone in parties, so I don’t really hear about (or get to participate in) many of them.

And second of all, I’m always up for it if someone needs another teammate. Sparks1911 on live, just message me first so I know you’re from waypoint.

I’m down to play I got a bunch of friends who have HW. As long you know how to play then let’s play. My GT is Ordinaryy

Emeroldtriangle is my G.T. I am also on another site which is in my bio and we can help you with new strats if nobody on here does. Send me a fr if you are interesting in high level strategies for 3v3 party teams and general advice. I was top 100 in 6 playlists and top 300 in pretty much all playlists. I play with anyone of all skill levels you just have to listen and put your assumptions asside.