3v3 strategy

hi i like to play 3v3 but i dont know anyone who plays so are there any strategys for some one playing on your own in 3v3

any leader!

if you are playing with random persons i suggest forge

on exile : on 1st base : supply pad , supply pad , supply pad , take a second base , supply pad , reactor
on 2nd base : supply pad , reactor , vehicle depot , upgrade base , barracks , supply pad

When your Vehicle depot is done , build 1 scorpion straight away and drive it to the reactor hooks. Clear those out. Ones your barracks is done , build 2 marines and put them in the reactors , then recycle your barracks for a vehicle depot and double pump tanks whilst upgrading to Powerturrer (dont go grizllys !!!)

Frozen valley : against double covenant ( except double arbiter) go gauss hogs and be agressive !
Else go 4 warthogs and research gunner , clear a rebel base and take it . build tanks again

Fort deen : same as frozen valley

go to youtube/bas1sta for better tips these are just the very basics