3D renders and unit models

Hi, my name is James and I’m creating a mod for company of heroes on steam, and (you guessed it) it’s halo themed!
I have no experience modelling though, so if someone could send me 3D models for weapons and units like vehicles and infantry like marines and elites, brutes grunts etc, I would genuinely be eternally grateful and of course full credit for all contributions will be given in the credits and names/aliases listed in the mod team.

Please please please help a brother out on this one, this mod has been my passion for a while now but I never managed to get anywhere alone and where better to look than the official halo forums!

Thank you very much for any contributions made however large or small!


You will find everything you need here. Best of luck James!


All models are ultra high detail however I remain unsure if the models are rigged or not.

Thanks a lot friend, and what do you mean by rigged?

In animation terms, to rig is to add joints. So the arms legs and so on can move. These are just the models meaning that you may have to work with them a bit before they are game ready. For more information and to get people to help you, I recommend signing up on 405th.com. They have a whole forum section based on 3D models. You may also want to get the trial version of 3DS MAX which will allow you to export the MAX type files to .obj files. If you would like I can walk you through it. Unless you know all this stuff already.