3D enabled?

Just a very simple question. If the devs could weigh in, that would be swell:
Will there be 3D Tv Functionality with Halo 5: Guardians? I mean, it looks that good, I’d even invest in a brand new telly (considering I’m still left gobstruck post beta, of course).
Halo CE:A had 3D capability, so I know it’s an option.

I’m no Dev, but since H2A lacked support for it, I think h5 won’t either.

The problem is the new generation of consoles didn’t upgrade their hardware enough while promising 1080p and 60fps…which they’re struggling to achieve. In addition, 3D requires the console to render even more frames than normal to achieve the effect (or at least, so is my understanding of modern 3D), making it unlikely they’ll try to work 3D in.