343's Splitscreen Disappointment

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I’ve read the reviews, I’ve watched the YouTube videos, I’ve heard the rants and again it’s “343 sucks”, “why did you ruin Halo” etc etc etc… Crucially, I’ve played the game.
My opinion of Halo 5 is this:
It looks like a great game, aim is a little weird but the content is great. I quite like the story-line and single player campaign. Multiplayer I’m yet to get deep into - after all, the game is a day old.
But like MCC, I won’t be playing this game any longer after today. I can’t. It’s not because I’m moaning about how unfaithful 343 have been to the franchise or how they’re making it less fun and more serious, because although this is a little bit true - it’s not that.
I can’t play this game because I bought it to play together with my son, my wife, my friends, my family - yet this game, on a next generation console does not support it because 343 “had to sacrifice” splitscreen to maintain the 60fps and beauty of the graphics.
Absolute -Yoinking!- garbage is what I’m saying. COD Advanced Warfare has split screen on the Xbox One and it looks brilliant. There is no excuse other than an poorly optimised engine through incompetent developers. This is all it is. And I’ve frankly wasted my money on this, as I did with MCC. At least the latter had splitscreen - and I say at least, because it was absolutely shocking on that also. No reduction in graphics (apart from overall resolution per player) or vsync because clearly 343 don’t know how to do this so you get choppy frames and an unplayable experience. It’s mindblowing what they’re excusing themselves with.
I don’t buy it 343. I just dont. You’re appalling.