343's position

There is NO WAY they can make everyone happy. With that being said, all I have to say is LET HALO BE HALO. As much as I may complain about 343, THEY are creating the game, not me. As a fan, gamer, and follower I ask that 343 appeal to US first. And that they don’t primarily focus on what THEY envisioned. Consideration should be given to the fans in every aspect. This may be 343’s game, but where will they be if they pay little attention to what we want?? The real fans don’t want Halo to compete with other games. We want it to be Halo. The one we know and love. The same Halo that, in my opinion, has earned a spot atop the best of the best. Good luck 343. And be patient, fans. Lets put our faith in them . . . Because that’s really all we can do . . .

It’s funny to me that 90% of the people on this forum hating on Halo 4 don’t even play a Halo game anymore. They will tell you they are the most pure Halo player ever and then go play BF3 or MW3.

Hahaha. I know. I’ve done SO much complaining about 343’s actions. But whatever other games I play, I always come back to Halo. For the love of the game. I am a gamer because of Halo. I own a 360, because of Halo. I’ve meet people on xbl who have become good friends, because of Halo. I just want 343 to realize how important it is to the fans.

It must be really sh*tty for members of 343i to read through these forums. Oh well, these forums count for like 2% of the entire halo population.

Even so, fans are more likely to know what other fans want than 343 is to know what we want

You don’t think they haven’t already been keeping the fanbase in mind? A lot rests on the success of this game, they’re not going to disregard their entire foundation and make a game that isn’t Halo in return turning people away from the series. They will mess up here and there, but as a whole I’m sure we’ll be happy in some way. If things go well, we’ll be happy in a lot of ways. But one thing will remain, it will be a Halo game regardless.

It would be an awful business move to disappoint everyone.

True. And in honesty, I will own Halo 4 regardless. I’m just wanting to avoid the urge to return to Reach and 3 once I do.

> Even so, fans are more likely to know what other fans want than 343 is to know what we want

Not all the time. For example, the MLG wannabes on here posting ridiculous statements like “no one wants AAs”.

No one can speak for everyone.

Also relevant. But often enough, most fans will hit one of two sides of the barrel. Meaning, if they don’t want one thing, they want just the opposite. Most fans are on one of the two sides of the barrel for most topics. Those who can create the game, have the ability to add more sides to the barrel . . . I hope I didn’t make that confusing. lol.