343's MCC crashing and banning me

A 34 GB update and it makes multiplayer WORSE than before. Just tried to play Halo Reach 4v4 and the game crashed and STILL banned me. What is wrong with you people? 8 years later and this collection is still a mess, and players are suffering from your mistakes with these stupid and unfair bans for stuff that is not our fault, it’s YOURS!


We have the technology to determine a crash (fatal errors for example) and 343 should not ban when this happens.

The ban for “quitting” should only apply to people who abuse this over periods of time.

If you quit once a day, nobody should care.
If you quit once a day every day for a week/two weeks/three weeks etc, issue a small ban/warning.
If you quit many times a day, issue a ban.

Obviously clean it up, but a ban after every quit (especially when the game crashes so consistently) doesnt make sense.

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Still crashing and banning. Lol

Halo 4 BtB black screened my Series X just now… Nice ban time