343's logic about core Halo players.

We all know Halo was rushed and just flat out not finished. Important parts that were wanted by the core/competitive/loyal/whatever you call it group. Stuff like File Share, Custom Games, CSR, Playlist classics like Doubles, Snipes, MLG, theater mode in Spartan Ops and Campaign, among other things. Now we know this right?

So what parts did get finished on time? The ubber casual gimmicks. Loadouts, the least competitive FFA ever, Ordinances, an awful exp system, commendation, armor unlocks.

They had the casual crowd stuff done on time. Why? Because the casual crowd hangs around for a couple of months and leaves. They would not wait on a exp system or load outs for 6 months would they?

343 is counting on the core Halo players to stick around and wait for their concerns to be addressed. The sad part is stuff like load outs and ordinances should be on the back burner. Stuff like Fileshare and CSR ISNT NEW! That should of been focused on before ANY new ideas. You dont begin to build a house by installing new carpet first do you? No, you start with the solid foundations first, then you add new stuff.

343 wasted no time finishing the casual parts of the game because they simply will not wait for changes like we do. I say “we”. Im not waiting forever for this game to be finished. New Gears coming out in March, wont even think about returning in April when this game is finally almost done.

This game was designed for CoD players, not for the Halo fanbase. 343 made a decision, and we have the result: thousands of players have left. CoD population is four times Halo4’s. 343 failed.

Ordinance drops, Loadouts, and all that stuff have radically changed Halo. The problem is that we, the Halo community, didn’t ask for those changes. But we are forced to play with them. So many of us have chosen NOT to play. If I don’t have a playlist free of Loadouts, AAs and ordinances,I leave.

I am saying this as a social player who plays BTB with friends. But I can’t find anyone to play H4. What we liked about previous Halos was the vehicle gameplay, especially the Warthog. Now, the Warthog doesn’t work due to the poorly balanced design of the game. We can’t play customs either. There isn’t a Multiteam playlist. We haven’t found any reasons to keep playing. Simply, the way we played Halo is not compatible with 4.

Many will say: adapt. We adapted to Reach cause it was still fun. The Warthog was still fun. We had Forge World. We had the Revanant and the Falcon. All we liked is gone in 4.

If the February TU balances vehicles and weapons, and adds classic playlists (not only 4vs4, a classic 8vs8 BTB), we can return to Halo 4.

Don’t act like it’s only Casual players and Hardcore/competitive/MLG players. There exists a vast population of middle-ground players that play Halo as their main game but don’t take competition as seriously.