343's Direction of Halo

Before you immediately spam the report button please read and consider what I have to say because I’m about to talk about spongebob a little. This analogy may be over the top , but please read it with an open mind and take what I say into consideration. There is a reason why I’m going to mention spongebob. Assuming you guys watched spongebob before, remember that episode where squidward wants spongebob and patrick to teach him of to blow crazy bubbles? Then spongebob and patrick go on to talk about the technique? Well when squidward does the technique he uses the same METHODS but he does it in a completely different fashion by screaming and raging, but it is still the same technique. Spongebob and patrick did it elegantly while squidward did it in a mad fit of rage. What this has to do with Halo is pretty much how the games are built. Now this is going to be a little hard to explain, but I think you guys will get what I’m trying to say. You see, while squidward did the same TECHNIQUE but the way he did it is wasn’t the same and it got the job done. 343 in this case isn’t using the same technique AND they are doing it in a different fashion.You see, 343 can still use the same “technique” like squidward did , and still do it in a different way and offer something new, like squidward did. Just because the core formula is the same it doesn’t mean the whole thing will be an exact replica. Squidward’s technique was the same but unique at the same time, just like bungies games were. The 3 games weren’t boring and an exact replica, but they managed to make a totally new experience with the same technique. Long story short,and say 343 needs to go back to the same technique because the new one isn’t working obviously. I don’t mean one thing in specific, I mean how they changed the game overall. What makes a Halo game a Halo game is its technique, but 343 ripped that away and people are having major problems with it. This was pretty hard to explain, but I think in general you guys will get what I’m trying to say.

There’s plenty of active feedback topics and Halo 6 wishlist threads that you can contribute to.

We don’t need a metaphorical comparison thread.