343's biggest issue

One thing 343 keep doing that really frustrates me and many other players is that they are always changing things for the sake of change. They continuously change minor details, maps and even gamemodes for no reason.

Firstly there is the art style. Now I know that a new developer wants to take the art style in a new direction but there is something 343 have done that is completely unacceptable. They are taking this and replacing it with this. Now I’m not saying 343’s design is bad but it’s the replacement for one of the most iconic weapons in Halo. You can’t just replace or redesign the Battle rifle. Now they say in the lore that there are different models but that’s just some -Yoink- excuse by 343 in a vain attempt to get away with this. The same can be said for the pelican, SPNKR and many other iconic weapons and vehicles. The plasma rifle has been outright replaced by the storm rifle.

Secondly we have 343 CONSTANTLY changing and tweaking maps. One of the ways on how people are good at Halo MP is map knowledge. But 343 are constantly changing the weapon layout and even parts of the map itself. How can I get to know the maps with them being constantly being updated as if Halo 5 is a MOBA game. Whether these changes were for the better it still shouldn’t have needed to be changed in the first place because now i have to adjust to the changes that 343 have made.

Thirdly is 343 are constantly adding and removing gamemodes and have even gone as far as to change entire gamemodes themselves. Wasn’t snipers added in as a social playlist like 5 times? Wasn’t super fiesta adding like twice or something? Then we have Breakout being completely changed and this has baffled me because what version of Breakout was 343’s true vision for Breakout. Was it Arena Breakout? Was it community Breakout? Was it social Breakout? Was it regular Breakout? Was it the refresh? I’m genuinely confused so can a 343 employee please answer this thread and tell me which Breakout was 343’s TRUE vision for Breakout. We also have 343 changing the post game stats, ranking system, colour schemes and many other parts of the game that I can’t think of right now. As I said it doesn’t matter whether these changes are good or bad but they shouldn’t have needed to have been changed in the first place.

Please stop changing everything in your game 343. Halo 5 is a FPS not a MOBA.

Their biggest issue is those who make excuses for their excuses, if you catch my meaning.

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> Their biggest issue is those who make excuses for their excuses, if you catch my meaning.

Do you mean like when 343 says that they can’t add something because of such and such a reason, then someone “throws themselves in front of” 343?

Sorry if the sentence is a bit hard to read, struggled to put what I was thinking into words.:relaxed:

> 2533274875084332;2:
> Their biggest issue is those who make excuses for their excuses, if you catch my meaning.

Good one.

Yes, they have 0 consistency, and I also agree with everything else you said:


I kinda get what ur saying. I always had an issue getting caught up and stuck on silly little aesthetic things on the map. Its good to have detail but the map has to play smoothly too. I also find it a little bothersome that every season or so the weapon spawns on the map are changed. Part of being good at halo iwsiws knowing spawns and weapon spawns. That becomes harder to do if the dmr, keeps jumping around the map…

I think halo 5 has a massive problem with being inconsistent but it’s hard to just think of one main reason.

To start with art style or some thing related to it I’ve found that the textures look different from day to day that things look nothing like they did the other day kind of thing. I notice this a lot with weapon skins that it looks completely different. Also trouble seeing what I’m looking at with enemies cause they blend too much into the foreground and I can’t tell what’s the front or the back of them. Some times their will be insane glare that makes it unplayable.

Smoothness of how the game runs that things that where working no longer work and sencitivity having to be changed often to get it to be playable. Some times assets might not be in the game I like to use odd ledges and hiding spots and some times the ledges are missing or will dissapeared. Various tricks that we can do some games don’t work but then in an other game they are easy to pull off that it makes no sense.

I feel like we get shut down too much if people think this is the only person who thinks this and will use intimation tactics to belittle your opinion. Saying your an idiot, entitled, garbage, git gud, or report you for what ever they can come up with and when other people start to convey the same thoughts almost no body says the things to belittle them and some times it’s the same people who denied it in the 1st place.

They’re out of touch… when it’s obvious what’s needed to improve the game, they are oblivious.

They definitely change things because they can,and not because they should

The second point is called balancing though, and many games do it. Or am I missing something?

And while I don’t like them removing and adding game modes, I agree with their reason why, and that is too keep the community together as much as possible. Could care less about how a weapon looks and as to Breakout…Just…I dunno. Whatever Breakout is there is the Breakout?