343i's marketing plans?

I really hope 343i invest a lot into Marketing Halo 4 (like Bungie did with Halo 3). Im talking tv spots, halo themed merchandise (like the Halo 3 themed Mountain Dew) and more!

Especially with the release of the Bloops 2 trailer (which looks awful imo), strategic marketing is what is needed in order for Halo 4 to outsell COD this time.

I know. The sad truth is that COD is highly likely to outsell Halo due to mainstream tastes, but I get the impression COD is decaying (and it has been for the past 2 games) which I think is finally starting to have an impact on fans.

If 343i take this opportunity to really market Halo and go the extra mile with the advertising, I think there’s a good chance it could become game of the year :slight_smile:

What do you think?

EDIT: I would also just like to add that I shouldn’t emphasise the battle between COD and Halo too much. I’d just think it would be really beneficial to the fans especially if the marketing was great. It would really help hype everyone up and get excited for Halo!

Pre-Order Halo 4 and win your own personal Scorpion tank? Or maybe Gauss Warthog…

Hah. No. Turning Halo into cash-spinning shell of itself will only lower people’s opinions of it.

The only decent live-action sequences in Halo were, maybe, Landfall, but Deliver Hope was fantastic. Unfortunately, live-action shorts always overshoot the emotion delivered in the games, so you end up with some melodramatic, irrelevant -Yoink- (see all the ‘Remember Reach’ ads).

I just want trailers and ViDocs. And some gamer-relevant stuff like Gamerpics and Themes on XBL. And that’s it. Obviously some competitions via more mainstream channels closer to launch.

Expect a marketing blow out at the appropriate time. Halo is going head to head with COD, the chips are down and Microsoft is going all in. They want Activisions market share.

Also remember that a Halo 4 live action series on an unprecedented scale has already been confirmed. Were talking episodes.

> I really hope 343i invest a lot into Marketing Halo 4 (like Bungie did with Halo 3)


It’s Microsoft who run the advertising. And they’ll do near the same level of advertising for the game after E3 I’d bet.