343I you are now a dictator

You are simply telling players that come from previous Halo’s “my way or the highway”. You have cut all the gametypes that don’t pull over 10k, forcing players to swallow their pride and move on. You have forced “Forgers”, who became the BACKBONE to Halo’s creativity to settle, and you are doing the same to Custom gamers.

Here is my advice call Notch from “Minecraft” and ask him how his crappy graphic game on XBLA which was way under par to the PC version managed to compete with COD on the XBL activity list.

Halo does not succeed with out the competitive players either, and you are stepping on them. Counter Strike was revived this year and its hardcore pc fan based flocked to it, and for those who never played CS, know that there are no weapon drops, no abilities, everyone is Vanilla until you get a kill and earn some cash. Also look at the Left 4 dead series, almost 1-2 years later Valve dropped the final dlc to Xbl and still people flocked to it. They played for days and still play as this is being read and its the same game over and over yet they love it. Because its competitive and they have OPTIONS-Survival, Single, Realism, MODS, etc.

My last example that you need to look at 343 is the Trials series. Sure Trials could have set limitations on their level creation mode BUT THEY DID NOT. They let their community go crazy.

343I look at these Developers and they all succeed by doing one simple thing, Listen to the fans and give them all the options in the WORLD.

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admit it

Honestly just look at halo 3, custom games were always going on because of the options, and it had both social and ranked playlist which allowed competitive and causal play. I don’t see what’s so hard to see why that game was the game to play back then.

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