343i Why did I receive a one week voice ban??

Dear 343i,

I logged onto xbox live and booted halo 4 up this afternoon to find that my voice chat has been banned for one week. Why is this? I have not used overly vulgar/offensive language. I am typically very nice to people online. A player from this morning; however, did accuse me of stating that someone was “gay.” I did not. This is ridiculous. I am a long time halo fan, following the development of this particular game since it was announced. Why is my loyalty repaid with penalty? What evidence have you to give me a voice chat ban? This is very frustrating, because there are so many people who get on here and use the “N-word” and other horrible language, yet I get a ban for nothing!

Who decides to ban individuals for voice chat? Is it based on complaints? Is it simply automated? If I were to act a jerk to my fellow teammates and berate them during a match, then issue complaints against them for made up behavior would the innocent be ruled guilty? If so, shame on you.


P.S. It is also very frustrating that I have to put this post up on a forum, and I cannot call someone directly to speak about this matter.

Tupac cares if don’t nobody else care.

Thanks. It isn’t like voice chat is a huge deal or anything, yet the principle of the matter is important. I also don’t care if any fellow players care about my complaint, but I do care if 343i does not care. This arbitrary voice ban is unjust!

they have a ban system for voice? i thought that was Xbox Lives job

Maybe some people were being jerks and mutes anyone thats a random. Even if they don’t have a mic in, they might just want to be jerks. And then you run into too many of those guys and you get banned just because you were being paired with jerks who mutes everyone for no reason.

For some reason people are easily offended these days. I miss the trash talk that went into nearly every game on H2.

It specifically says that I’m voice banned for a week from halo 4. The prompt is not from microsoft; it is from 343i.

Isn’t that if enough people mute you in game you get a mute ban.

It’s an automated system. Do you frequently search alone? Do you always wear a headset? Sadly not many people rely on headsets in Halo 4 and will mute you so your voice doesnt project through their speakers. Odds are your being muted by players before the match even begins. Is there background noise or feedback coming from your mic?

> they have a ban system for voice? i thought that was Xbox Lives job

Just gotta say I think this a worse system than TOSERS from Arby 'n the Chief. I dont mind the idea of a voice ban by why in the world should it be automated?! People can mute you just because of a difference in opinion or because of accidental feedback you cant hear yourself. With nobody on your team with a mic how could you know?

At least make the automated system run off of complaints not number of times muted.

so basically you can get banned for trying to communicate in a team game. genius… -_-

Yeah, i always wear a headset. I believe this is different than a mute ban, but i don’t know that for sure. I also do not produce excessive background or feedback noise.

It makes as much sense as penalizing people from quiting out of games that start 1v5…

this makes me think of how I have negative rep from “trash talk”, yet I don’t even own a head-set, lololololol